Monday, June 25, 2007

George Foreman grill

One of the reasons why I feel that I am doing so well on low-carb is my recent purchase of a George Foreman Grill -- the new kind with removable grills and digital temperature control. It's an amazing little appliance and I really enjoy cooking with it. I know that we don't normally worry terribly about our fat intake on low-carb, but you should see the fat (bad fat) that is dripping out of the stuff I cook. Wow! I'm pouring the drippings in a large coffee can and keeping it in the fridge. Eventually, I'll put it in the compost bag. But wow! It's scary to think that I would have previously ingested all that stuff.

The grill turns your meats nice and lean... and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. I'm eating lots of hamburger patties and feel a lot less guilty now that some of that bad fat has dripped away. When I see that hard, congealed fat in the fridge, I know that the grill is helping me by keeping that stuff out of my veins. No one needs that crap running through their body... even on low-carb.

So if you're thinking of going low-carb, get yourself a new George Foreman Grill with the removable grills. Much easier to clean! And the digital temperature control makes for more accurate cooking, too.

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