Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting in to the groove of things...

Well, things are going quite well and I'm getting in to the groove of this new way of eating. My constant heartburn has gone away (yay!) and I'm not hungry all the time. I also don't feel the need to nap 50 times per day. Now it's just 49. LOL Kidding. But seriously, in the past few weeks before low-carb, I was constantly in need of naps during the day if I was at home. I'm OK if I'm out with clients... but if I was here and the sofa was calling my name, I'd lay down for a quick snooze. Even 20 minutes. But I'm noticing today that the energy level is increasing and the need to nap is much much less than it was when I was gorging on carbs. I like that feeling. I did low-carb in 1999 and lost quite a bit of weight. I also remember actually noticing that I never napped during the day on weekends anymore. I couldn't fall asleep on a Saturday afternoon if I'd wanted to. Well, when you're gorging on carbs, trust me... you can sleep! It's nice to get some daytime energy back.

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