Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is low-carb expensive?

It seems like I'm always at the grocery store now since I've been eating the low-carb way. Some people have suggested that it's an expensive way of eating. On the surface, it would appear to be, but consider this:

I just took five minutes to calculate how much money I've spent on fast food in 2007 at six places I regularly ate at. The grand total? $864.11. Yup. Nearly $1,000 in six months. That would have bought a lot of groceries. So instead of paying fast food places big bucks for my meals, I'm making them at home. They're healthier, cheaper and certainly better tasting. And those are only the restaurants I can think of. There were many more, trust me.

So is low-carb more expensive? On the surface, it APPEARS to be, it's really not. I'm just redirecting money from restaurants into fresh food.


Big Daddy D said...

I know, some great bloggers have exampled how LC can be done on a budget (Regina at Weight of the Evidence) has more than one good post on this topic). However, I find that my grocery bill has doubled. And, due to traveling a good deal, I am forced to sit down in better restaraunts that not only cost more than fast food but include tipping. So, in my experience, yes, it is much more expensive.

Brian Cormier said...

You know what? I've thought about this, too... and I think the fact of the matter is that eating healthy is more expensive. Cheap fast food and cheap boxed food is much more economical, but it's ruining our health! I think if anyone makes a conscious decision to eat healthier, their grocery bill will increase, but at least they'll be healthier!