Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh man! What a headache!

They call it the "Atkins flu" -- or withdrawal from carbs. If you've been gobbling up carbs like there's no tomorrow, then it's only normal that you will go into detox when you start low-carb. On Day One, I felt fine, but Day Two (today) was rough. Bad headache... got worse during the day. I felt bad because clients were asking me for things and I couldn't function. :( Hopefully they'll understand. Anyway, it's getting a bit better now, so a good night's sleep will help with the headache. Once it goes away, I hope to get some energy back. Migraines always take the wind out of my sails for a day. Most of today was spent on the couch. I also managed to get out this evening to get some Atkins shakes. I completely forgot to get some. They're good in a pinch if you're hungry but don't feel like making anything. They're in the fridge now. :)

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