Thursday, June 28, 2007

This stuff is great!

Maple Leaf Marinated Pork. I bought some tonight on a whim. WOW! Really nice. I bought the souvlaki-flavoured ones in "kabob" style. 0 carbs, so you can't go wrong! They cooked up really nice on my George Foreman Grill in six minutes. Could have probably only had them on for five, though. They were a tad overdone, but nothing major. These are definitely going to be a staple in my kitchen from now on! I was expecting them to have quite a few carbs because of the marinade, but they don't. Don't remember seeing any sugar at all in the ingredients. It's nice to find some convenience foods like this with FLAVOUR that you can add to your daily food intake. I think one of the reasons why some people get bored on low-carb is because they forget to use herbs and spices. I know that I have been very guilty of that very thing myself! There's only so much "plain" chicken that you can eat before you want to scream. The next time I have these kabobs, I'm going to make the homemade low-carb tzatziki sauce in George Stella's cookbook and try it with that. Along with some steamed veggies, it would be delicious. And as far as steamed veggies go, I like to buy those bags of prepared veggies in a bag (i.e. brocolli and cauliflower) that you throw in the microwave for a few minutes. So convenient. So with my grill and microwave, I can go from raw meat and veggies to a fully cooked meal in well under 10 minutes. Excellent!

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