Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week one is down... I lost 8 lb. Yay!

Well, week one is over and done with and I lost 8 lb., a great start. Yesterday, I cooked a ham and low-carb coleslaw. I also bought some homemade sausages from a butcher here in town. He makes his own and doesn't use sugar, bread crumbs or any fillers other than spices. They're great for breakfast or any time.

So week one is down and I'm all set for week two! I'll start posting various recipes and tips here as I go along. I just needed to get myself adjusted during week one, first. It's always the most difficult as you go through withdrawal and have to get used again to not eating sugar 24/7. The bakery near my house is probably wondering where I've been. I've been low-carbing it, baby! :)

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