Sunday, June 17, 2007

You need to be prepared

The one thing about starting any lifestyle change is the need to be prepared. If your house is full of white flour and sugar -- and sugary treats -- it's time to stock it up with fresh food: fresh meat, vegetables, berries, nuts, lots of water. It's a bit pricey to start up, but you end spending the same amount every week -- especially me who made it a habit of spending more time in drive-thrus than I did cooking at home.

Many days, I would eat out at breakfast, lunch and dinner -- at least $40 per day. Mind you, not every day... but many days I would eat out at least once. That adds up after a while. Had I invested that money into good food from the grocery store, I would be so much better off. That's what I'm doing now, so the tide has turned.

No headache so far, although I'm expecting one. I've been drinking tons of water, so that will help flush the toxins leaving my body and help my body adjust.

No excuses!

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