Wednesday, July 4, 2007

High Liner BBQ seafood kabobs

They look good in the package, for sure... but good looks don't mean they're tasty! I bought some High Liner BBQ seafood kabobs last night (haddock) and was very disappointed. Perhaps they're just not compatible with my George Foreman Grill. Anyway, I found them really tasteless. Maybe I should have seasoned, them, I don't know... maybe some melted butter would have helped. Regardless, I won't be buying them again. These would probably be better in a marinade or covered with a sauce of some kind, but I'm staying away from a lot of that stuff.


Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens!
I find alot of stuff has no taste even though it "looks" good.

I know if I get bored I save up 100 bucks (free shipping!) and order myself some stuff from Toronto.(I'm west of Ottawa)

The choco perfection bars are the best Brian if you are ready to take on when boredom sets in......


Brian Cormier said...

Thanks, Wanda! :D