Saturday, July 28, 2007

Silhouette water

I just dicovered these the other day. What I like about the Silhouette brand is that there's no sodium (to speak of). It's not super easy to find (at least in my neck of the woods), but I did manage to find more last night at the grocery store. Click here for more information. I'm drinking a lot of flavoured water lately, so I wanted to watch my sodium intake, too. Some brands have some sodium added to improve the taste. These are definitely more "tart," but they're still nice.


Crazymrsnancy said...

Have you tried the Nestle flavored waters ? They sell them in packs of 32 bottles at Costco for 12$ or something like that. They're much lower sodium than the Dasani flavored water. (Although I LOVE Dasani Grape but I only have it once in a while for a treat, I don't want to bloat from all the salt hehe) I'm also loving the Lipton green tea singles packets to put in water bottles. They have new flavors now at Superstore and I love the apple/cranberry/white tea one!

Brian Cormier said...

Hiya! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I've tried Nestlé, too, and they're very good. I just wish they had grape. *cries* LOL I usually just pick up a six-pack now and then of any flavoured water. I usually have 12 in my fridge at one time. Between those, regular water and Nestea with Splenda, my water intake is reasonably OK. Thanks for the tip, re: sodium! I know... I try to watch that, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I so miss the grape........I also noticed a big difference with the bloating after drinking too many on a hot day. I might just have to find a web site and email them and tell them to get the salt out of there so I can drink them!


Brian Cormier said...

Yeah... they definitely have a lot of salt. That's the bad thing about them. Almost as much as soda!

Anonymous said...

Brian, email and tell them the same thing.....everything helps!!

Hi Wanda:

Thank you for contacting us about Aquafina Flavour Splash Grape. We are
sorry that the presence of sodium causes concern.

We understand that consumers are concerned about various ingredients.
We always try to consider these concerns when developing our products.
Each of the ingredients in a product is selected carefully based upon
the flavor, texture and appearance that it provides. Nutrition,
health concerns, and flavor stability are also considered. Federal laws
regarding the use and labeling of all ingredients are followed carefully.

Your comments are important to us. We will report your concerns to the
product development team. Thank you for your interest in our

Hi thereJust a comment about your Aquafina product.I starting buying
your grape flavored one and love it however I have found that there is
too much sodium in it and have since stopped only after a couple
weeks.Being on low carb and talking around the low carb community this drink is
not acceptable when trying to stop the intake of salt.........I have
since switched to another brand without salt but would love to go back
to grape which your product is the only one out there selling this
flavor.Something for you to consider.Thanks