Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week #4: Two more gone!

Well, week #4 is over and another 2 lb are gone for a total of 21 lb. Starting to feel it now. Certainly felt it in the clothes this week, although the loss wasn't as large as in previous weeks. It's all good and is moving in the right direction!

Next target: The 30 lb mark!

No excuses!


Anonymous said...

Brian that is the good thing about low carb. Even the weeks you don't lose you will feel it in inches so I hope you measured yourself and took pictures........and if you didn't take some because you won't believe it until you actually see it.
I remember one week when I hadn't lost anything and didn't know WHY but I had taken pictures and finally looked and SAW it was actually working.........

Congrats to you and keep on going...I am not fully on the wagon but I am getting there!LOL!


Brian Cormier said...

I know you can do it. I think I would have lost more but I really need to fit more fibre into my diet. LOL Enough said. Lordy.

Anonymous said...

Ok since we both know what we are talking about...LOL! that is the one area that you need to keep up with.
I have the worse problem if I let go the water and fibre.
if you feel almost like a backup feeling in your stomach, get that fibre into you quick before you get into trouble!!
I even bought some of the pills (natural ones in Walmart) and left them at work in case the problem's always an ongoing puzzle, this low carb.
This week my problem has been muscle spasms in my toes, potassium cures that..........(just sharing in case you get the same problem!)

As far as my wagon, I just looked up what I had today......ugggggggg did you know a banana split has 96 carbs?LOL! You know sitting there with the kids eating the stuff I felt like a little oinker. I have gone into DQ and have no problem but for some reason I was feeling that summer wasn't the same without a Banana split.
Won't be doing that again!!!!!!

Now I am blabbering here but you get it.........

Brian Cormier said...

I hear ya! I hear ya! Me going to DQ is like a drug addict going for a swim in a pool full of cocaine. I just open my nostrils and sniff it all up! LOL Oh yes, I've been CRANKY (!!!) all day and I think the "problem" may have something to do with it. I will take a few "helpers" tonight to see if that works. I think it might be the first time in my life I've needed to take anything. Usually, I have quite the opposite problem. A little something for the "Too Much Information" department. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well that is the down side of low carb but everyone needs a little help now and then..........he he
You are not the first one to tell me that so it's never TMI!!