Sunday, September 30, 2007

Plea to grocery stores in Moncton, N.B.

OK, could you people PLEASE start stocking some low-carb items? With the number of diabetics around, you'd think this stuff would sell... and that there'd be a demand! Unfortunately, many of the diabetics I know DO NOT take good care of themselves and are constantly dealing with sugar levels that are all over the map. (I'm not diabetic, by the way.)

You'd think that there'd be a demand for low-carb products from diabetics... but from what I've seen, they're just as happy to keep eating stuff that they should NOT be eating, including bread, sugar, etc. Shoppers Drug Mart used to stock some things, but they don't anymore.

If you can't digest gluten, there are TONS of products out there for you. It's reasonably easy to find gluten-free items in all major stores - which I think is great! So why not low-carb? Why not rebrand the stuff as low-glycemic or something related so that diabetics will be drawn to those products, thus creating a demand?

Luckily, I can find Atkins shakes and bars - although I'm not eating the bars this time around. And, of course, many high-end organic products are available. But it would be really really nice to find things like low-carb baking mixes (Carbquick, for one) and things like that.

Of course, I will order this stuff online, but it's not terribly convenient. I'd much rather buy something locally.

But, I'll do what I have to do. And if local grocery stores don't stock low-carb products, then so be it. I will give my money to stores outside Atlantic Canada who are willing to stock what I want and ship it to me.

And NO, a small section of candy for diabetics (all of it sweetened with that maltitol garbage that - quite frankly - makes a person practically crap in their pants) is NOT an appropriate low-carb section. Give me a break!

If anyone knows of any stores in the New Brunswick that stock a reasonably fine line of low-carb items, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I can't find anything around here either and I am close to Ottawa.
Even in the health food stores they sell stuff with crap in it and I am not a fan of Atkins stuff........the only place that I can find it is online in Toronto and I get it within a week so it's not too bad.
The problem though is that diabetics won't buy the stuff because it's either too expensive or not to their liking.

My mother is one and she would rather do it with portion control then buy the "other" works foro her.


Brian Cormier said...

Oh my mother's a diabetic, too, but controls it through diet only. She's very very careful and adamant about her health. But I have relatives and know people... hoo boy! I was just thinking that the stores would try and market the stuff differently considering the diabetes epidemic. *sigh*

Brian Cormier said...

Oh... and I just sent in my first online order today! I hope to have it by the end of the week. :)

Anonymous said...

I placed an order last night and they are already on it. They are really fast!!
I have a hard time getting the devinci syrups and almond flour around here so I always order from them. Have never had a problem....I hope you ordered some choco perfection bars, they are the cat's meow!!


Brian Cormier said...

I can't find Davinci syrups here at all, but almond flour is very easy to find. Are you sure there are no "ground almonds" in the baking supplies section of the grocery stores around there? Do you have a bulk food store there? There should be a bin with ground almonds. (Ground almonds and almond flour are the same thing.)

Brian Branch said...

They might have a selection (not sure) at Sequoia Health Foods on Weldon Street...

Brian Cormier said...

That's right! I keep forgetting about them. Thanks for the reminder! I've never been there yet. I just keep thinking of Corn Crib and the organic sections at the Superstore and Sobeys. GNC used to have some stuff, too... but it was SO expensive there.

.................Nancy said...

Well... This is just my opinion but : Yes I think local food stores should make an effort to stock low carb processed foods to give us options.. BUT so many low-carbers once they start eating frankenfoods they start eating more of those than natural whole foods, which is the point of low-carb in teh first place!! PLUS being a type II diabetic, I know that some stuff, like Crystal Light, even though it's not supposes to, DOES raise my blood sugars! :-s

Jake Silver said...

I guess I forget how fortunate I am. Even though our Commisary is relatively small, we have tons of Low-Carb stuff from Atkins and South Beach, plus sugar free puddings and jell-O and candy and fruit with no sugar and even cookies and cakes and ice cream with either "No Sugar", "Sugar Free" or "No Sugar Added"