Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week #11: A 4-lb loss for a total of 43 lb gone

Had a great week at the scales with another 4 lb gone for a total of -43 lb in 11 weeks. Very pleased about that!

FYI, I also compared the sodium content of Aquafina flavoured water vs Diet Pepsi. Surprisingly, there is TWICE as much sodium in the water than there is in the soda. So from now on, I'll drink Aquafina as an occasional treat but stick to regular or Silhouette brand water, which has no sodium.


Anonymous said...

whoooooooooo congrats Brian.

I know I had to stop drinking the Aquafina grape since it has the salt in it. There isn't really anything else I like so I get the Crystal light if I want something besides the water. I find alot of the water too sweet but really liked the grape. I did email the company and told them and they said "they would look into it"
yeah ok!!

Brian Cormier said...

Thanks! Hopefully they will listen to you. I'm sure you're not the only person who wrote in. But damn... that grape-flavoured water is so good! Yum!