Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week #13: Down by 5 lb

Woohoo! Had a great week this week after a bit of a stall. Lost a total of 5 lb for a new total of -48.5 lb. Go me!

Did better on water, for sure, although it could have been better. But since I lost quite a bit, it's obvious that something worked!

Now to break the 50 lb mark next week! That'll be sweet.

No excuses.


Brian Branch said...

wow, pretty amazing. Go you.

Brian Cormier said...

Thanks! :) I'll be in that string bikini next summer if it kills me! hehe

Monica Jaillet said...

Way to go!!!

Uhh...except that part about the bikini... ;-) LOL

Brian Cormier said...

Hehe @ bikini. Only on Friday nights when I'm home alone and no one's looking. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Hey I say if you are inclined to wear one, then go for it.......LOL!
Just please don't post any pictures of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brian Cormier said...

haha... Wouldn't want to break the camera! ;-)