Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week #14: Down another 1 lb

Week #14 went reasonably well. :) I lost 1 lb, a bit below the minimum 1.5 lb that I wanted to lose in order to hit the -50 lb mark, but still happy that I lost. I was out of town on business for a couple of days (just day trips to another city) and that always makes things a bit more challenging, but I always manage to eat low-carb. The only thing that gets sacrificed on those travel days is water, since I can't be running out of meetings every two minutes to go to the bathroom. But - I'm glad I lost and next week I will definitely hit the 50-lb mark for sure! So... the new grand total is -49.5 lb. Go me!

No excuses.


Anonymous said...

Hey wear are the before and after pictures? Congrats!


Brian Cormier said...

I have a few before pics taken at my university reunion in May. Good idea... I should take some. I'm not at the "after" stage yet... but will be there eventually. I'm in the "during" stage. Ha! But that's a good idea.

Anonymous said...

oops I should have said Where instead of wear?LOL!

oh yeah Brian take those pictures at least every month or 10 pounds.
Sometimes you see a difference in them even when the scales aren't moving........


.................Nancy said...

Congratulations!!! When you get discouraged, take a big 50lbs bag of potatoes in your arms and walk around with it and go up and down the stairs to remind you how far you've come!! I've lost 77lbs so far, and I have NO idea how I managed to go up stairs with 77lbs more on me. If I try to carry 77 extra pounds now I find it HARD! I've still got quite a while to go though so reading your blog is very inspiring and motivating. Keep going!!