Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week #16: Down a whopping 7 lb for a grand total of -57 lb

Holy moly! I really watched myself this week. I drank LOTS of water and restricted my fruit intake, which I had increased too much (obviously), because of small weight losses in the two previous weeks. It's all good!!

I got my first batch of low-carb groceries that I ordered online, so I will be eating a bit more variety in the coming weeks (I'm not bored, though... and even if I were, it would be MY fault because being bored on low carb is not possible if you are truly dedicated to finding new recipes and ways of making things.)

No excuses. Period.

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Brian Branch said...

Wow. nice to hear! I didn’t know you could unicycle. And what’s with the long hairs? loose the wig... hehe