Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week #19: Down by another 2 lb for a total of -62 lb

I had another great week at the scale! I lost 2 lb for a grand total of 62 lb lost in 19 weeks. Pretty ordinary seven days. I drank all my water and was pretty good on everything else. So far, I'm averaging more than 3 lb per week, so I certainly can't complain!

People seem to be enjoying the recipes, so I'll keep posting those as I try things out. Do you have a favourite low-carb recipe? E-mail me! I'd love to check it out.

Thank you to everyone who's been sending in all those wonderful comments via e-mail, Facebook and on this blog. They're all very much appreciated.

If I can somehow inspire you to lose weight, too, that's something that I'm truly happy about! You can do it! And so can I!

No excuses!

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