Friday, November 2, 2007

If there's one thing I hate when buying salad...

... is finding rotten lettuce leaves. It's a stupid and careless move on the restaurant's part. The leaf showed here was in a salad I got from Quizno's (downtown on Main Street, Moncton) today. (Click on the photo to see this huge honkin' leaf in all of its rotten glory.) First of all, the leaf is HUGE - at least 6-8" inches long. Who the heck puts a tree like that in their lettuce? In fact, half the romaine lettuce in the salad was rotten. By the time I noticed, I was already back at the office, so I picked through it to at least be able to eat the chicken - some of which was still half-frozen, despite having gone through their oven. I was absolutely starving and had to eat something. What a sorry excuse for a meal. Major quality problems at this store. I'll go to the one on Champlain Street in Dieppe from now on. The one downtown is just not up to snuff. There's no excuse for this! And it's too bad for all the low-carbers out there to have to avoid a restaurant that serves a relatively low-carb menu item. But who wants to eat rotten food?

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