Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week #21: Down another 4.5 lb for a total of -70.5 lb

Wow! These have been a great few weeks. I'm definitely on a role. Since I cut down on the amount of fruit I was taking in, it's really kickstarted the loss again.

Berries are allowed on low-carb, however I tended to over-do it a bit. Since I've cut down on berries (strawberries / raspberries) to only once or twice per week, the weightloss has really gone into high gear again. Obviously, I was eating too much of it.

I've also been really good about drinking all my water. The only time it's a bit more difficult is if I'm travelling for work - but those are normally only day trips and I can usually manage to get quite a bit in. (Not a good idea to be wincing in "I gotta pee" pain in the middle of a meeting! Ha!)

So things are going extremely well. I'm especially pleased to have sailed through the -60s quite quickly and changed "decades" this week. -70.5 lb feels good... real good!

No excuses!