Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week #25: Down by another -2.5 lb for a grand total of -77 lb!

Another great week. I'm down by another -2.5 lb for a grand total of
-77 lb in 25 weeks!! Although I didn't get as much water in me this week as I would have liked, it didn't seem to have harmed me much. Weird week, with travelling, a snowstorm, etc. I have to get better at adusting the diet to days that are outside the routine. Well, I shouldn't say adjusting the diet... I should say adjusting the water. The diet always goes well... it's the water intake when I'm out of the routine. The big upcoming challenge is Christmas, of course. I have two parties just today + supper with a (thankfully low-carbing) friend who's in town... It will be a day of eating, but I'll have access to all low-carb stuff, so it'll be fine. Then again, I don't really care if I eat these days. When you stop OD'ing on carbs, those highs and lows disappear. Everything becomes much more stable and you stop experiencing those "crazy" hunger urges like you're starving.

No excuses!

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