Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week #26: Down by another -2 lb for a grand total of -79 lb!

Hi everyone! Well, I started down this path exactly six months ago tomorrow (on June 17th)... so this is a major milestone.

Today, I got on the scale and was down by another -2 lb for a total of
-79 lb in six months. I'm very happy, to say the least... and hope to hit the -80+ mark next week just in time for Christmas. That will be my Christmas present to myself.

A few Christmas parties this week... a couple (literally) of glasses of red wine, a sit-down meal, etc. It's a challenging time of year, but I stayed away from the sweets (of course) and stuck with the cheeses, chicken wings, deli meats, etc. at a house party that I attended. At a big sit-down dinner I was at last night, I stuck to grilled seafood and salad. The lady sitting next to me even offered to eat the croutons I picked out of my caesar salad! Ha!

So yup... a challenging time of year, but stick to your guns! You won't regret it. People will start to want to shove food down your throat, but stay true to yourself. Besides, no one has yet to explain to me how eating sugar and stuff that's bad for me somehow honours the birth of Jesus. (Think about that. Good argument, huh? You'll get blank stares, trust me.)

So... two more weigh-ins left in the year. I'll hopefully be over the -80 lb mark by then... at least I should be, considering the steady losses. January brings a new year and new determination to get this "coat of fat" off. I can't wait to see where I end up at the end of 2008. If I haven't reached my goal by then, I'll be well on my way! Either way, come hell or high water, it's gonna happen.

Until next week! Cheers!

No excuses!

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