Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week #28: Gained 0.5 lb over Christmas for a grand total of -81.5 lb to finish off 2007

I certainly didn't "cheat" over Christmas, but I definitely over-ate. With food constantly in front of you, it's difficult not to! But I ate completely low-carb and am happy about that - I just ate too much. My mother even made a traditional Christmas meat pie for me using Carbquik - a low-carb baking mix (similar to the high-carb Bisquik). Very close to the original, so I was happy about that, too! Was that the culprit? Perhaps... but it was worth it! Ha!

In the grand scheme of things, gaining 0.5 lb is a victory for a diet over the holidays, and I certainly consider this a "victory." Of course, I would have loved to have stayed the same - and that was my ultimate realistic goal - but 0.5 lb is nothing, really. I will certainly lose again next week as the routine (and regular water consumption!) gets back into gear. And if you consider the entire month of December as the "holidays" - as many do, I did lose 9 lb during December weigh-ins (even counting today's slight gain). So it's all good!

It's funny... I knew I gained this week. I could just tell... I even told some people that. Even 0.5 lb shows up when you're really paying attention.

One thing I overindulged in - even if they're low-carb - was nuts! They're packed with nutrients and good fats, but they're also very high in calories - so you have to watch yourself. I don't count calories at all, but you still have to use some common sense. My strategy was to eat nuts out of the shell, which required me to crack them open. Slows down the consumption, for sure! I wish they were available year-round. I think my nut consumption (as a snack) needs to be curtailed a bit for a few weeks so as to kickstart the losses again. (By nuts, I mean nuts from a tree... not peanuts or cashews, which are legumes.)

Many people have asked me what my weightloss goal is. By the end of 2008, I want to lose another 125 lb. and hit at least the
-210 lb mark a year from now. By June 17, 2009, I want to hit my goal of losing 240 lb. And if I hit my goal way before then... that's great. But the main thing is: I will (!!!!!) hit my goal. Period.

Am I disappointed at this week's gain? My answer: I lost 81.5 lb in 6.5 months and I'm thrilled about that. "But, you didn't answer the question," you say. Yes, I did.

Concentrate on the positive. What you think will become reality. I am already at my goal weight. My body just hasn't caught up yet. :)

No excuses.


Dinah said...

hey, love your blog. and congrads on the weight loss!!! are you a member of stellastyle? you look familiar. keep up the good work!!!!

Brian Cormier said...

Hi Dinah! Thanks very much for the kind comment. I'm not a member of StellaStyle, but I'm going to join. :) Happy New Year!