Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is low-carb expensive?

It seems like I'm always at the grocery store now since I've been eating the low-carb way. Some people have suggested that it's an expensive way of eating. On the surface, it would appear to be, but consider this:

I just took five minutes to calculate how much money I've spent on fast food in 2007 at six places I regularly ate at. The grand total? $864.11. Yup. Nearly $1,000 in six months. That would have bought a lot of groceries. So instead of paying fast food places big bucks for my meals, I'm making them at home. They're healthier, cheaper and certainly better tasting. And those are only the restaurants I can think of. There were many more, trust me.

So is low-carb more expensive? On the surface, it APPEARS to be, it's really not. I'm just redirecting money from restaurants into fresh food.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm forgetting to eat...

That's a sure sign that a diet is going well. :) When a person is gorging on carbs, you're constantly craving sugar and are always hungry. Just this past few days, I'm realizing that I'm completely forgetting to eat because I'm not hungry. When you eat low-carb, those massive blood sugar swings stabilize and your cravings go the way of the dodo bird. Ah feels great.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This stuff is great!

Maple Leaf Marinated Pork. I bought some tonight on a whim. WOW! Really nice. I bought the souvlaki-flavoured ones in "kabob" style. 0 carbs, so you can't go wrong! They cooked up really nice on my George Foreman Grill in six minutes. Could have probably only had them on for five, though. They were a tad overdone, but nothing major. These are definitely going to be a staple in my kitchen from now on! I was expecting them to have quite a few carbs because of the marinade, but they don't. Don't remember seeing any sugar at all in the ingredients. It's nice to find some convenience foods like this with FLAVOUR that you can add to your daily food intake. I think one of the reasons why some people get bored on low-carb is because they forget to use herbs and spices. I know that I have been very guilty of that very thing myself! There's only so much "plain" chicken that you can eat before you want to scream. The next time I have these kabobs, I'm going to make the homemade low-carb tzatziki sauce in George Stella's cookbook and try it with that. Along with some steamed veggies, it would be delicious. And as far as steamed veggies go, I like to buy those bags of prepared veggies in a bag (i.e. brocolli and cauliflower) that you throw in the microwave for a few minutes. So convenient. So with my grill and microwave, I can go from raw meat and veggies to a fully cooked meal in well under 10 minutes. Excellent!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Low-carb lifesaver: Deli rotisserie chickens

Most large supermarkets carry hot and ready-to-eat deli rotisserie chickens. These are an amazingly convenient and delicious way to stay faithful to your low-carb way of living when you just don't have time to cook. A half-chicken with some steamed or sautéed vegetables is an excellent meal at either lunch or supper. In fact, I bought one tonight after a meeting. I was hungry and tired, so I was quite happy to find some chickens left when I arrived at the supermarket quite late in the evening (9:45 p.m.). A perfect snack to keep me going for the rest of the evening and quell those hunger pains that previously would have been satisfied by a big bag of potato chips!

Monday, June 25, 2007

George Foreman grill

One of the reasons why I feel that I am doing so well on low-carb is my recent purchase of a George Foreman Grill -- the new kind with removable grills and digital temperature control. It's an amazing little appliance and I really enjoy cooking with it. I know that we don't normally worry terribly about our fat intake on low-carb, but you should see the fat (bad fat) that is dripping out of the stuff I cook. Wow! I'm pouring the drippings in a large coffee can and keeping it in the fridge. Eventually, I'll put it in the compost bag. But wow! It's scary to think that I would have previously ingested all that stuff.

The grill turns your meats nice and lean... and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. I'm eating lots of hamburger patties and feel a lot less guilty now that some of that bad fat has dripped away. When I see that hard, congealed fat in the fridge, I know that the grill is helping me by keeping that stuff out of my veins. No one needs that crap running through their body... even on low-carb.

So if you're thinking of going low-carb, get yourself a new George Foreman Grill with the removable grills. Much easier to clean! And the digital temperature control makes for more accurate cooking, too.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week one is down... I lost 8 lb. Yay!

Well, week one is over and done with and I lost 8 lb., a great start. Yesterday, I cooked a ham and low-carb coleslaw. I also bought some homemade sausages from a butcher here in town. He makes his own and doesn't use sugar, bread crumbs or any fillers other than spices. They're great for breakfast or any time.

So week one is down and I'm all set for week two! I'll start posting various recipes and tips here as I go along. I just needed to get myself adjusted during week one, first. It's always the most difficult as you go through withdrawal and have to get used again to not eating sugar 24/7. The bakery near my house is probably wondering where I've been. I've been low-carbing it, baby! :)