Saturday, July 28, 2007

Silhouette water

I just dicovered these the other day. What I like about the Silhouette brand is that there's no sodium (to speak of). It's not super easy to find (at least in my neck of the woods), but I did manage to find more last night at the grocery store. Click here for more information. I'm drinking a lot of flavoured water lately, so I wanted to watch my sodium intake, too. Some brands have some sodium added to improve the taste. These are definitely more "tart," but they're still nice.

Having a great week!

Well, I've been having quite a good week! I travelled one day on business and managed to stay true to low-carb! It's not that challenging once you set your mind to it.

Although I realize that the dressing may have some carbs, you can pretty much not go wrong ordering a chicken caesar salad in a restaurant -- hold the croutons, of course! Usually, they're pretty chintzy on the dressing, anyway... so not too much to worry about. It's all good! You can always pay extra for another chicken breast if one isn't enough. Also great for fibre if you're not having much luck fitting in vegetables, like me!

Next weigh-in is tomorrow. :) Hopefully, I'll hit the -30 mark!

I'm making some low-carb chocolate peanut butter/cream cheese balls to bring to friends today. They invited me to their cottage for the afternoon and I offered to bring a low-carb dessert. They're super easy to make. If they're a hit, I'll post the recipe here (and a pic, if I remember) either later today or tomorrow.

I hope you're all finding much success on low-carb, too! I repeat my mantra of "No excuses!!" several times per day. It is a great motivator.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow! Great week at the scale!

I got a GREAT surprise when I got on the scale this morning -- another 7 lb gone for a total of 28 in five weeks. I'm very happy! I had "digestion issues" last week that slowed the weightloss a bit... but that resolved itself this week (I'm much less cranky! Ha!) and it showed up on the scale.

Onward and upward, as they say! Or should I say "downward"? ;-)

No excuses!