Saturday, August 4, 2007

Use whatever water "strategy" works

To save money, I'd purchased some four-litre jugs of water and was going to fill up my 1.5-litre bottles as I went. The 1.5-litre bottles are quite portable and even fit into the cup holders in my car!

I try to drink at least one 1.5-litre bottle or "plain" water per day, which is followed by a few bottles of flavoured water, coffee, tea, etc. Lately, however, my water intake is really bad, so I'm reverting to purchasing separate 1.5-litre bottles of water.

They're just much more convenient to pull out of the refrigerator... already cold, portable and ready to drink! I just never seem to get around to filling up the empty ones. Sounds silly... but that's what happens!

Well worth it if it's going to keep me drinking as much water as I need!

No excuses!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Week #6: My body's decided to take a rest...

After losing 28 lb in five weeks, my body decided it needed a bit of time to adjust this week, so I didn't lose anything. Certainly better than gaining -- although there was certainly nothing that I did this week that would lead to a gain. So that's all good. A person will hit a plateau from time to time, especially after losing a lot very quickly. Next week, the weight should start dropping again. Until then, I'll tackle another week with gusto!

No excuses!