Saturday, October 6, 2007

Livin' La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube (Episode 7)

This episode is about Jimmy's favourite low-carb books.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

ChocoPerfection bars

After reading time and time again on Jimmy Moore's blog that ChocoPerfection bars were an amazing low-carb treat - and free of that dreaded maltitol garbage - I decided to order some from Low Carb Grocery, a Canadian online retailer. Whoa! I received them today and they are DELICIOUS. I tell ya, I can't tell the difference! And only two net carbs per bar! Amazing. These will definitely be a staple in my home for whenever I want a treat.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Plea to grocery stores in Moncton, N.B.

OK, could you people PLEASE start stocking some low-carb items? With the number of diabetics around, you'd think this stuff would sell... and that there'd be a demand! Unfortunately, many of the diabetics I know DO NOT take good care of themselves and are constantly dealing with sugar levels that are all over the map. (I'm not diabetic, by the way.)

You'd think that there'd be a demand for low-carb products from diabetics... but from what I've seen, they're just as happy to keep eating stuff that they should NOT be eating, including bread, sugar, etc. Shoppers Drug Mart used to stock some things, but they don't anymore.

If you can't digest gluten, there are TONS of products out there for you. It's reasonably easy to find gluten-free items in all major stores - which I think is great! So why not low-carb? Why not rebrand the stuff as low-glycemic or something related so that diabetics will be drawn to those products, thus creating a demand?

Luckily, I can find Atkins shakes and bars - although I'm not eating the bars this time around. And, of course, many high-end organic products are available. But it would be really really nice to find things like low-carb baking mixes (Carbquick, for one) and things like that.

Of course, I will order this stuff online, but it's not terribly convenient. I'd much rather buy something locally.

But, I'll do what I have to do. And if local grocery stores don't stock low-carb products, then so be it. I will give my money to stores outside Atlantic Canada who are willing to stock what I want and ship it to me.

And NO, a small section of candy for diabetics (all of it sweetened with that maltitol garbage that - quite frankly - makes a person practically crap in their pants) is NOT an appropriate low-carb section. Give me a break!

If anyone knows of any stores in the New Brunswick that stock a reasonably fine line of low-carb items, please let me know.

Week #15: Down 0.5 lb for a grand total of -50 lb

After losing quite a bit of weight relatively quickly, I seem to have hit a plateau. Although disappointing, these plateaus are entirely normal as a person's body readjusts. I did manage to lose a bit, though: 0.5 lb, which now puts me at an even -50 lb in 15 weeks. I'm very happy to have hit the -50 lb mark! Very motivating. I really really have to work on my water, though. I blogged about it before but still have drifted a bit away from drinking at least two litres of water per day (my own personal goal which seems to work well for me re: weight loss).The losses will start up again in a week or two after my body is finished readjusting - and I re-commit myself to water!