Friday, January 4, 2008

Recipe: Brandi's low-carb breading mix

This is a recipe courtesy of Big Daddy D, a fellow low-carb blogger.

Deep-fried foods are allowed on a low-carb lifestyle. I tend to eat deep-fried stuff once per week - usually fried chicken from a local take-out. This Christmas, though, Santa brought me a really nice deep fryer so that I could do up my own fried chicken without having to get that dreaded flour as part of the breading. (The take-out I was getting it from was really light on the breading.... just a dusting, really... but still...)

So I went in search of a good breading that was low-carb, would fry well and would be nice and crispy. I bought myself some chicken wings, got the deep fryer out of the box, cleaned up and assembled and was ready to cook!

It didn't take me long to find my favourite. In fact, I hit the jackpot on the first try, thanks to Big Daddy D. Using this recipe, the chicken wings turned out absolutely beautiful! They were crispy and delicious. You'd never guess they were low-carb!! I'm not even going to bother experimenting with others... this breading was THAT good! A++ from me!

- 1/4 cup almond meal ("ground almonds" - same thing)
- 1/4 cup vital wheat gluten
- 2 tbsp parmesan cheese (powdered variety, not grated)
- salt and pepper to taste
- 1 egg

Mix dry ingredients. In a shallow dish, beat egg. Dip meat in eggs then in dry ingredients. (Do this with tongs. I didn't and it was very messy.) Fry in oil.

And voilĂ ! These are nice and crispy. Just perfect. Enjoy!

And oh yeah... no excuses!

(Photo credit: Big Daddy D. Mine looked too delicious and I scarfed them down before I could take a photo of my own!)


Big Daddy D said...

Thanks for giving us credit on this recipe. Brandi is my wife and this was one of our most successful experiments. We've used this recipe on pork chops, chicken tenders, and bone-in chicken.

I have been told that it also makes great country fried steak. This can be topped with Campbell's brand white country gravy that is fairly low in carbs.

Brandi and I have been meaning to try fried mozzarella cheese but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll let you know how it goes when I return home from Paris.

Brian Cormier said...

Paris? Geez... life's rough, eh? Good for you! Must be beautiful there. I have friends who just returned from spending Xmas there.

Thanks again for the recipe. So simple, but works perfectly!