Monday, June 16, 2008

Week #52: Down -4.5 lb for a total of -104.5 lb

Yayyyyyy! It's my one-year anniversary on low-carb, folks! Exactly one year ago tomorrow - June 17, 2007 - I began my journey toward a normal weight by cutting out excess unhealthy carbs, including sugar, pasta, potatoes, starchy vegetables, wheat, bread, high-glycemic fruit, etc.

Although I'd gained 3 lb in the past two weeks, I remained bound and determined to keep at it. After all, when your mantra is "No excuses!", you don't have much of a choice, right? Well - wrong, actually. You ALWAYS have a choice... and I choose to STICK WITH IT.

I was thrilled to step on the scale this morning to find that I'd wiped out the loss of the last two weeks + added another 1.5 lb to the loss on top of that, putting me at my all-time low of
-104.5 lb lost since I started. I'm very happy and satisfied this morning with the week. I really watched my nut intake, but also cut down on cheese, which had been creeping into my diet in amounts that were a bit counterproductive to weightloss. You can eat cheese and nuts on low-carb - just remember that they're very (very!) high in calories.

After one year on low-carb, I'm looking forward to the next 104.5 lb loss! I can't wait for next June to roll around, when I'll have at least another 100 lb gone! My next celebrations will be at -111 lb (I'll explain why when I get there!) and -120 lb (again - explanations when I get there).

So happy anniversary to me and a big ol' pat on the back! *pat pat pat*

See y'all next week!


Roy and Hazel said...

Hey! Fantastic - Happy Anniversary! Well done on your achievements to date and good luck on meeting your future goals! You've got a great postive attitude.

Brian Cormier said...