Monday, August 4, 2008

Week #59: Up 1 lb for a total of -104.5 lb

Things remained stable this week, relatively. Although I gained a pound, I can feel myself shrinking inches-wise, so there's definitely progress on that front. The belt that was on its last hole and getting looser every week continues to do so even though my weight has remained stable for several weeks.

The challenge of the past week was definitely eating out several times. It's vacation season and there were tons of friends in town visiting. I made responsible choices, but eating out is never as good as staying home and making it yourself, that's for sure.

I'm fully expecting a loss next week that will bring me back to the positive side of my weightloss goal.

In the fall, I will start walking to kick start this thing back into high gear. So far, I've been able to lose quite easily without exercising, but it's becoming abundantly clear that I don't have that luxury anymore. And that's OK. Being adverse to exercise my entire life, I'm going to have to switch gears and get into something. I'll start with walking and then progress to other things as the weight continues to drop off.

I would be quite proud of myself if I did that because, quite frankly, when you've grown up as an overweight person all your life, exercise is no fun and has horrible memories... from people pointing and laughing, to coming in last in school competitions.

But that's in the past and this is the future. Time to put that behind me and embrace exercise!

Bring on the spandex, baby! :)


.................Nancy said...

Hey, I saw you at the grocery store last night.. but was to shy to say hi :) Good thing you only bought healthy things, your fans are watching you! :P

PS - Did you use to go on IRC with the nickname Dabiker ?

Brian Cormier said...

Oh for heaven's sakes! :) I only buy healthy stuff. And if I'm not - it's not for me! :) Please say "hi" next time you see me. :) No @ IRC. That's not me. I've never chatted on IRC.