Monday, August 11, 2008

Week #60: Down -0.5 lb for a total of -105 lb

Although I wasn't expecting to lose this week, for some reason, I was happy to hop on the scale this morning to see a half-pound loss. Six more pounds 'til that magical -111 lb mark that is one of my major goals. I'll tell you why it's a goal when I get there! My goal is to lose 240 lb (yes... LOSE 240, not WEIGH 240).

People keep saying, "Oh you don't need to lose that much." Thanks, but you ain't seen me naked, honey! :) Trust me!

I've been thinking about getting a dog to encourage me / force me to get out there and walk. Of course, I don't NEED a dog to go for a walk, but it would make walking more enjoyable. I've been looking at a Coton de Tuléar "rescue" (return to the breeder) who's in need of a good home. Cotons are small, hearty dogs who love to go for walks in all kinds of weather - rain, snow, etc. But, with that said, getting a dog is a big commitment - and a life-long one, at that! (The photo above is of me taken on the weekend with a Coton de Tuléar named Zaza.)

Anyway, it's something that I'm thinking about. It's a very serious decision, though. I have two cats now, but they're not much good for exercise motivation unless bending over to pick up hairballs is considered high-intensity calorie burning. *grin*

Wishing you all a great week! If I can do it, so can you.

No excuses!

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Dinah said...

I happen to be a doggie person, so I say GO FUR IT!!!! We have a westie, and a Wire hair terror (yes I spelled that right) but I don't "have" to walk them. Maybe I should. They can be a pain in the patootie at times, but they are nice to have around.

And I've never heard of that breed of dog, but it sure is cute! Ya'll look good together!

Dinah from Stellastyle