Monday, August 18, 2008

Week #61: Up 1 lb for a total of -104 lb

OK, this stall is getting on my nerves. Up one, down one. Up two, down two. When I get my butt in gear and start walking, it should kickstart things!

Regardless, I even more determined than ever. I will never give up... ever!

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue seeking ways to weed out things that may be sabotaging my weightloss. My next experiment is the coleslaw that I always have in the refrigerator. Despite being low-carb, it's chock-full of calories with the mayor and heavy cream that I use to make it. Since I eat that stuff (the coleslaw) like crazy, it is time to cut it off for a month and see how things go. I'll switch to salad after this current batch of coleslaw is eaten.

Will this help? I hope so!

In the meantime, I will continue low-carbing and am loving my changing body and newfound attitude toward food. I'm quite proud of myself!

I'm loving this and loving the inspiration that people tell me they are getting from my journey. I really appreciate the positive feedback.

If I can do it, so can you! If you believe you can do it, you can... and you will.

I know I can do it... and I'm doing it!

No excuses!

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