Monday, September 1, 2008

Week #63: Down -1 lb for a total of -105 lb

Since it's Labour Day and I'm actually busy doing some stuff (I thought this was supposed to be a day of rest?), I'll keep this short and sweet.

Although my weight is remaining relatively stable, my measurements continue to improve. I'm not measuring myself per se, but my pants are getting looser and my shirts fitting better. I guess my body is catching up to my weight loss. So, even though I'm remaining stable, it remains motivating to still "feel" like I'm losing, so that's all good!

I'm remaining 100% true to low-carb. Nothing will change that.

When this stall is over, I'll start dropping the pounds again!

Until then, it's all or nothing!

And "nothing" is NOT an option.

No excuses!

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