Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Product review: Miracle Blade III

Now that I've switched to the low-carb lifestyle, I'm cooking in the kitchen a lot more, which means I'm preparing a lot of food by hand. This is great, since I love to cook... and being prepared and well-organized on low-carb is a positive step toward success. Personally, I like to make big batches of stuff and freeze it.

But to do this, you need really good kitchen tools - knives being one of them.

That's when I bought a set of Miracle Blade III knives and a knife block, which includes:

- 8 steak/utility knives
- 1 filet knife
- 1 paring knife
- 1 chop scoop cleaver
- 1 rock chop cleaver
- 2 Miracle Blade slicers
- 1 pair of scissors

I'm sure you've seen the infomercial on TV where the pitch man slices, dices and chops everything - from food to everything else!

These knives are amazing. They are sharp as heck, so you really have to be careful using them. I've cut myself several times already because I'm used to semi-dull knives. These things are NOT dull... trust me. They make food preparation go a lot faster and are more precise. A real joy to work with!

I bought mine at the Showcase store in a mall. You can also order them online here (Canada) and here (U.S.). I also strongly urge you to invest in the optional knife block, which comes with four extra steak/utility knives. (The set only comes with four, normally - with four extra coming from the purchase of the block.)

If you purchase this in the store, you can at least save the shipping.

The total (in-store) bill for these great knives and the knife block came to just over $80, which also included an optional warranty. Very affordable - especially for something you may only buy a couple of times in your lifetime.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week #35: Down by -5 lb for a total of -92 lb

Thankfully, last week's 2 lb gain was erased and then some with this week's big 5 lb loss! Yay! I was very happy to see that. Although it's important to stay positive, gaining weight when you're trying to lose weight is still no fun!

This week, I was very good with water and watched my intake of nuts, which I kept to a minimum.

So now, I'm chugging along to the -100 lb mark! I will reach it in a few weeks, not exactly sure when... It will be a happy day when I get there. My aunt told me that my mother weighs 103 lb, so when I hit that mark I'll be able to say, "I lost my mother" and freak people out that I'm happy about it. Haha. :)

All systems "go". The train is moving along the tracks at a steady pace!