Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week #38: Stayed the same for a total of -92 lb

This week was a "hold" week. I stuck at the -92 lb mark, which is OK. Better than gaining, that's for sure! This was an extremely (!!) busy week and I am quite happy staying the same. I was run off my feet both at work and at home. It's during times like these that it's essential to be organized and have food prepared for lunches and even supper! In my previous life, I would have given in to take-out food all week. Thankfully, I've turned that corner! With the freezer downstairs full of good low-carb goodies, I can remain on the plan with a lot less frustration. When you're tired, it's easy to stray.

Until next week!

Drink lots of water. Eat lots of veggies!

No excuses!