Monday, March 31, 2008

Week #41: Remained the same for a total of -96 lb

Well, it's week #41 and I remained the same. I thought I would lose, but I'm glad it wasn't a gain, at least.

I figured out why I had the stall this week, though. You know those sugar-free Halls lozenges? Well I thought those little buggers were carb-free, but come to find out that they have 3g of carb in each one! Holy moly! I've been popping those things like a crocodile eats fish in the past week. Sheesh! No wonder.

I thought, "Wow! Finally, a sugar-free candy without maltitol! Great!" Well, that "sugar-free" candy still has some carbs. If you heat 5-10 per day (quite easy!), that's up to 30g of carb per day right there! That's a huge amount of carbs for me, so no wonder I stalled.

Those things are going in the garbage now that I know better!

Looking forward to a loss next week. Still closing in on the -100 mark!

No excuses... repeat... No excuses!!