Monday, December 15, 2008

Week #78: Down -1 lb for total of -117 lb

Well, I didn't have the -2 lb loss that I'd hoped for, but I'll certainly accept the -1 lb very happily. After all, everything is moving in the right direction and I remain truly happy about that.

In January, I'm going to take on Jimmy Moore's sweet-free challenge and eliminate all sweeteners - natural and artificial - from my diet for 30 days. I will also forego fruit. Basically, I will not allow anything sweet-tasting to hit my taste buds. Jimmy's had very good success with the challenge and I'm sure this will speed up my own loss.

I will determine my results and see if they're worthwhile enough to continue. I do like a few raspberries now and then... and enjoy diet soda now and then, too... but that will have to be eliminated for 30 days. The theory is that at some point your brain can no longer tell the difference between real (i.e. sugar) and artificial/low-carb (i.e. sucralose) sweetener, so reacts similar to how it would were you eating the real thing.

From June to December 2007, I lost about 75 lb. in 2008, I've lost about 40. I realize that that loss would slow down, but it's a bit too slow... not that it's discouraging me. Still, I'd like to lose a bit faster.

I have 123 lb left to lose until I hit goal. That, my friends, will be a glorious day. I will put a big chunk in that goal during 2009!

Remember, if I can do it, so can you. I stuck with it. I am bound and determined to succeed. The alternative is not an option - repeat - not an option.

Eating low-carb is AWESOME!

No excuses!