Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sweet-free challenge update - January 3, 2008

Since starting the sweet-free challenge on Monday, December 29, I've lost -7.5 lb! I lost -4.5 lb when I first weighed myself on Wednesday, December 31, and today I lost another -3 lb. That puts a mighty big chunk into the incredible +9 lb I gained during the week of Christmas.

I've never lost so much weight so fast in the "middle" of a diet. Sure, I've lost more at the beginning, but I've been more-or-less plateau'd for so long that I forgot what it was like to have big losses. It's very motivating.

Hopefully, I can skim off another -1.5 lb by Monday (my regular weigh-in day) and erase the Christmas gain. (Gainageddon? Ha!)

Sweet-free is definitely a challenge! When you think about it: no diet soda, no drinks sweetened with Splenda, no fruit, nothing sweet-tasting. But it's working wonders for me. My sweet-free challenge is tentatively scheduled to last until February 2, but I will definitely extend it if my results are good.

The real test will be next week when I return to work after my two-week vacation. The routine will definitely help things along and I will be happy to be losing again.

I've never fallen off the wagon on low-carb. I've been faithful to the program since June 17, 2007. But I'm barely at half-way to my goal of losing -240 lb, so I need to kick start this into high gear again so that I can take off a major amount of weight in 2009. This is the year! I'm at -115.5 lb now...

If you're wondering about the lack of vitamin C because of no fruit, simply take a good supplement or eat vegetables high in vitamin C. There are lots and lots of great low-carb veggie choices that are just as good as fruit in that regard, including: red bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

I will be posting a recipe this weekend... a WONDERFUL recipe that I discovered while surfing the net earlier this week. I tried it last night and it's excellent. I'm going to make it again tonight and tweak it a bit to remove some of the blandness.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Here's wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year in 2009! May this year be your best yet! Decide right now that it WILL be... and your wish will come true.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Atkins Diet: How should spouses / partners support weight loss activities?

Update on sweet-free challenge

Just wanted to give y'all a quick update on the sweet-free challenge.

I normally never weigh myself more than once per week, but after the huge gain this week, I needed to see a bit of movement in order to stop myself from jumping off a bridge (ha!), so I hopped on the scale this morning and was happy to see that I'd already lost -4.5 lb. Of course, much of this is water weight. I'd stopped drinking water over the holidays, so was definitely retaining - my body thinking that a drought was occurring.

I'll weigh myself on Friday to see how things are progressing!

So far, so good!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Week #80: Up 9 lb for a total of -108 lb

Yes, you read that right. I gained 9 lb in one week... the week of Christmas.

Although I remained faithful to low-carb eating, I ate wayyyyy too much. This is a prime example of how you still have to be careful of the volume of what you take in even if you're being faithful to whatever regime you're following.

To put things mildly, I was shocked and disappointed when I got on the scale this morning. I knew I'd gained... but 9 lb???? I nearly cried like a little girl.

BUT... let's put things into perspective here. The routine is back after a highly non-routine holiday. I've rid the house of any low-carb Christmas goodies (like the delicious but deadly low-carb fudge that I gorged on). The freezer if full of good low-carb food ready to be "nuked" for meals. I'm on vacation until next Monday, so I'll make sure that I stock up even more. The water I'd ignored for over a week is back on the daily routine, too. I know part of the reason I gained so much is bloating.

I had decided to start the sweet-free challenge suggested by low-carb guru Jimmy Moore on January 1st, but after having gained 9 lb (OH MY GOD!!!!!! I still can't believe it) in one week, I started today. That means that for the next four weeks, I am not letting anything sweet touch my tongue. That means no Splenda, no other sweeteners (natural or artificial) or fruit.

Now, this may sound reasonably simple, but if you think about it, that means no treats whatsoever, such as sugar-free Popsicles, sugar-free Jell-O, diet soda, diet drinks (Nestea, etc.), etc. I've gone through Day One of the challenge with little trouble and plan on being 100% faithful until the end. That blasted 9 lb gain needs to get the heck out of town ASAP and I want to make sure that 2009 is the year that I put another huge chunk in my weight loss. After 1.5 years, it's time to bring this puppy home. We're in the final stretch.

Onward and downward, as a friend of mine said today!

If I can do it, so can you!

No excuses. Ever.