Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sweet-free challenge update - January 3, 2008

Since starting the sweet-free challenge on Monday, December 29, I've lost -7.5 lb! I lost -4.5 lb when I first weighed myself on Wednesday, December 31, and today I lost another -3 lb. That puts a mighty big chunk into the incredible +9 lb I gained during the week of Christmas.

I've never lost so much weight so fast in the "middle" of a diet. Sure, I've lost more at the beginning, but I've been more-or-less plateau'd for so long that I forgot what it was like to have big losses. It's very motivating.

Hopefully, I can skim off another -1.5 lb by Monday (my regular weigh-in day) and erase the Christmas gain. (Gainageddon? Ha!)

Sweet-free is definitely a challenge! When you think about it: no diet soda, no drinks sweetened with Splenda, no fruit, nothing sweet-tasting. But it's working wonders for me. My sweet-free challenge is tentatively scheduled to last until February 2, but I will definitely extend it if my results are good.

The real test will be next week when I return to work after my two-week vacation. The routine will definitely help things along and I will be happy to be losing again.

I've never fallen off the wagon on low-carb. I've been faithful to the program since June 17, 2007. But I'm barely at half-way to my goal of losing -240 lb, so I need to kick start this into high gear again so that I can take off a major amount of weight in 2009. This is the year! I'm at -115.5 lb now...

If you're wondering about the lack of vitamin C because of no fruit, simply take a good supplement or eat vegetables high in vitamin C. There are lots and lots of great low-carb veggie choices that are just as good as fruit in that regard, including: red bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

I will be posting a recipe this weekend... a WONDERFUL recipe that I discovered while surfing the net earlier this week. I tried it last night and it's excellent. I'm going to make it again tonight and tweak it a bit to remove some of the blandness.

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