Monday, November 22, 2010

Week #179: Gained +3.5 lb for a total of -92 lb

Ouch! That one hurt. Wasn't perfect, but 3.5 lb in one week is a harsh slap in the face. I did snack on some of those shelled nuts I mentioned last week, but certainly not every day -- I think only twice and in very limited amounts.

Well, I'll just have to hunker down, then, won't I!

Christmas is coming. Time to drop a few pounds because the week of Christmas is always a difficult time to lose weight.

And... this is post #500 for! Woohoo!

No excuses!

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Carbzilla said...

Hi Brian - I think this time of year is just so hard, especially after all your hard work. It's hard not to feel like we deserve a treat. I had really stabilized my weight (or read: plateau) after a decent loss, and then I baked cookies with white sugar. I gained 2 lbs overnight. Time to get recommitted, I say.

Can't wait to try your almond cookies!